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Murphy was a slut
She’d tell you herself
As flippant as when
She said her number
Nineteen, like our ages
I saw past every act
Except for that one
Back then we spent
Every moment together
We withdrew into eachother
Some people feel special
Like the other half
Of something you weren’t missing
Sometimes those people
Are people we shouldn’t know
You lose your lives in eachother
Spiralling down instead of up
Dark beacons to each other’s souls
The one being you become
Is far less than both of you
You lose space, lose self
And then I lost Murphy
No names don’t count
So I stopped counting
Murphy was a slut
She’d tell you herself
But she doesn’t tell me
She had to leave me
To no longer need me,
And me?
I was missing me
Not her.

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